Blue Islands Diving is a diving center, an SSI training school, and a boat tour center, located in Cala Galdana, Menorca, very close to the wonderful bay. Also, Blue Islands Diving is a dream come true, our dream.

We are Enza and Pietro, a couple in life and partners in work! After 10 years spent in Milan, we have decided to shake up our lives, again, and we moved to Menorca in January 2021 looking for a new, more natural, way of living. For this reason, in April 2021, we bought the Blue Islands Diving!

Our love for the ocean is innate and our passion for the underwater world has always been in our DNA. We are constantly committed to study the diving world and marine life, to understand and reduce our impact on the oceans.

The objective of the Blue Islands Diving is to create a high-quality diving and excursions center, with a low impact on the environment, where the people can enjoy the beauty of the sea, relaxing e have fun with our amazing crew!

We can’t wait to meet you!

Meet our crew


I’m the Base Leader and I welcome you and guide you through the choice of the activities that suit better your taste.
I love the ocean and nature, in any form.
I’m a diver and I’m very passionate about ecology and zero waste way of life.
For these reasons, my objective is to offer a sustainable tourism model for our planet and our sea.


I’m an SSI professional diving instructor and boat captain.
When I tried scuba for the first time, I couldn't imagine how it would have changed my life, I figured out I wanted to do it every day, so here I am doing my dream job.
As a dive instructor, I want to give you all the instruments to enjoy your diving experience safely and explore the submerged Menorca that stole my heart.


I’m the captain of the Lupita and an SSI professional diving instructor.
I remember I've always been fascinated by the sea world and for me, the best way to live it is sailing.
I love to work with so much respect for the clients, to always get the very best from the experience we offer.


I’m an SSI professional diving instructor.
Even if I know the seabeds of Menorca like my pockets, I would never get tired of what I do, not just because I like it (very much!) but because I can show the people who come and dive with us, this amazing part of Menorca that not too many get to know.


I’m an SSI professional diving instructor.
Ten years ago I moved to Honduras to become a dive instructor, a year later, destiny brought me to Menorca to start off my professional journey.
Since then my life has improved in a huge way, I feel lucky because I can feel the soothing and purifying effect of the ocean on a daily basis, enjoying the view of the mute landscapes hidden underwater.
The best part is that I never wake up in the morning thinking "I wish I had a different job".